Diet Tips For Enviable Arms

armsMajority of women like to flaunt halter necks, capped sleeves and tank tops especially in hot summers, dinner parties, brunches and get-together parties. However, most of them shy away from these outfits due to flabby arms. There are many reasons that cause flabby arms. Some of the main causes have been discussed below.

Main causes for unsightly or flabby arms

Poor diet: One of the prime reasons that lead to fat and unsightly arms is poor diet. When you ignore your body’s requirement and eat food at erratic hours, it certainly leads to protein breakdown from lean tissue. Also, the sugar levels go down that leads to food cravings.

Sudden hunger pangs: The sudden hunger pangs make one choose wrong foods like cookies, chocolates, pizzas, chips, or processed foods. When you eat junk foods, it not only ruins your health in the long run, but also accumulates unhealthy fats in the body causing belly fat, flabby arms and more.

Fad Diets: These diets only make the condition worse as they are not at all balanced and provide no nutrients required for the body to function properly. When the body is not supplied with the right nutrients, it can get weaker and give room for many unwanted health problems.

Diet tips to obtain great arms

  • Keep your body hydrated

It is important to drink at least 8 glasses of spring water daily in between meals. This keeps your appetite and hunger at bay and boosts metabolism. Drink only a few ounces of water along with your meals as too much of water during your meal leads to indigestion and dilutes the abdomen acid. If you drink pure spring water on the other hand throughout the day it helps in balancing the stress hormones. Avoid sodas, sports drink, coffee and cola as it contains high amount of calories.

  • Eat breakfast to obtain lean arms

As per research those who eat a balanced breakfast consisting of lean protein, healthy fat and high fiber carbs lose more weight and also succeed in keeping it off. Take out time in the morning to have a balanced meal to keep you going through the day. Skipping breakfast is harmful as it lowers your energy level and makes you indulge in unhealthy foods due to sudden hunger pangs.

  • Refuel muscles post workout

High fiber carbs and lean proteins help you replenish your weak muscles. When you consume protein, the amino acid present in it helps in supporting muscle growth and also recovery at the same time. Additionally, your body makes use of carbs for refueling the glycogen to energize you for your next workout.

Quick diet tips for enviable arms

  • Watching your diet is important and the food proportion is another important factor. Proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates should be present in your diet in the right proportions.
  • Choose whole grains and unprocessed foods as it helps during fat burning process effectively.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of fruit juices as they are packed with sugar and preservatives.
  • Eat small meals at frequent intervals rather than 3 large meals.

These are some of the best diet tips to obtain leaner and attractive arms.