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Disadvantages Of Crash Diet

Diet_07One of the commonly committed mistakes by people wanting to lose weight is is following a crash diet. They go to the extent of starving themselves that it can lead to fatal health effects. Crash dieting though may help you reach your weight loss goals, the results are temporary and you will be back to regaining the lost weight.

Unscientific Basis

People who adopt crash diet do it without following a rationale. They haphazardly cut down their calorie intake. As a result, the body is starved of the vital nutrients and you end up getting fatigued. In most cases, people lose only the water weight when they are crash dieting. The body needs a balanced diet and eating a balanced and healthy diet is the key to weight loss.

Temporary Results

People are enticed to follow crash diets as they offer quick results. But these are temporary. It is not possible to continue for long on crash diets. The moment you are out of them, you will start to binge to satiate your deprivations and with the result, the lost weight will make a rebound. You will end up being in the vicious circle of dieting and bingeing with absolutely no results on your weight loss efforts.

Lack Of Balanced Diet

It is very essential that we eat a balanced diet for a healthy living. In the course of crash dieting, for quicker weight loss results, major food groups are excluded. As a result, nutritional deficiencies are bound to set in. This would lower your immunity and make you susceptible to various illnesses. Prolonged sustenance on crash dieting will make you lose muscle mass. You would just end up looking a shrunken version of yourself rather than being fit and healthy by losing weight in a phased and scientific manner.

Not Universally Suitable

Regular weight loss diet plans can be followed by one and all. They are safe and give the desired results. However, crash dieting is not suitable for all. Those with a medical condition place themselves at high risk by following crash diets. This form of dieting is recommended for the obese and morbidly obese who are otherwise not able to lose weight in the normal course.

Cannot Be Followed In The Long Run

How long do you think you can be on crash diets? At the most you can for a week subsist on purely liquid diet. Your body will soon start sending signals and you will be forced to get back to your normal diet. For any diet plan to have lasting and effective results, it has to be followed for a considerable period of time. But, since crash diets offer only a short term weight loss solution, these cannot be considered as a safe weight loss technique.

Attaining weight loss is an imminent need for the majority of the population plagued by weight gain issues. Crash dieting is definitely not the right solution. Follow healthy eating with a calorie controlled diet plan. Back it up with an active lifestyle and adequate exercises.