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Top 8 Biceps Exercises For Men

The following 8 bicep workouts effectively target the bicep muscles bicepsto give a stronger and toned biceps. These workouts increase the size of the bicep in addition to making it stronger. These exercises can help you yield best results if performed regularly.

1. Barbell Curl

Stand straight on the floor holding a barbell facing you. The bar should be held at a shoulder width grip. Your elbows should be placed sideways. Now curl the barbell upwards but avoid using body weight to lift your weight. Press the biceps towards the top. Your weight can be lowered once your arms are straightened.

2. Concentration Curl

Use a flat bench to sit by widening your feet. Bend your body till the waist. Use a dumbbell in one hand by placing the elbow on the interior of the thigh for support. Your other hand should be on the other knee. The weight needs to be curled up and muscles should be flexed on top. Slowly lower your weight back until your arms are straight.

3. Preacher Curl

Use a preacher bench to sit and your feet should be placed flat on the ground. Your chest can be on the upper pad and back should be straightened. Bend down and place your elbows and upper arm on the pad. Begin with straight arms before curling up the weight as far as you can. Squeeze the biceps at the top and lower your weight as you straighten your arms.

4. Incline Curl

The angle of the bench needs to be set like an incline bench press. Straighten your back and allow your arms to hand down straight while seated using a dumbbell in both hands. Keep your arms in place and lean over towards the elbow as you curl the weight up. Squeeze the muscle at the top and the weight should be lowered down until the arms are straight.

5. Hammer Curls

Use a bench to sit with a straight back and hold a dumbbell in each hand with palms facing one another. Bend towards the elbow by curling the weight up as much as you can. Squeeze the muscle towards the top. Lower the weight back till your arms are straight.

6. EZ Bar Curl

Stand straight using an EZ bar in the front. Take the bar and place it at shoulder width grip. Keep your elbows towards the side and curl up the bar without making use of your body weight. Squeeze your muscle towards the top. Lower the weight.

7. Dumbbell Curl Standing

Stand straight using a dumbbell in each hand. Thereafter curl up the weight by squeezing the bicep muscle towards the top. Try curling each arm one at a time and rotate your arms after every rep. Place the elbows sideways and move your arms towards the elbow. Avoid leaning to the side.

8. Dumbbell Curl Seated

Sit by positioning your back straight and place the elbows sideways towards you. Bend near the elbow by curling up the weight as much as you can. Avoid moving your upper arm. Thereafter, lower your weight back until your arms are straightened.