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Lose Love Handles For Your Own Good

waistLove handles are nothing but the stubborn fat which is often hard to lose. Some people fail to get rid of it despite of doing regular workouts on the elliptical machines. Love handles often lead to low self esteem. Hence there are certain lifestyle changes that need to be done to get rid of it for good. During the process of eliminating that stubborn fat, it is very important to follow a diet that is nutritious. One of the crucial parts of fat loss from your belly and back is to incorporate whole foods in your diet. Processed and packaged foods often cause weight gain. If you follow a nutritious plan in addition to regular workouts, you can certainly lose those love handles.

Effective ways to lose love handles

Avoid cutting carbs pre and post workouts

The benefit of complex carbs like oats, black rice and sweet potatoes is that it stimulates your metabolism and provides long lasting strength and energy. If your body does not get this energy, your body begins to starve and fat burning becomes least important. Therefore, it is important to include healthy complex carbs in your diet.

Drink plenty of water

One of the tricks to lose those love handles is to drink a whole lot of water. It is important to keep your body dehydrated as the body thirst is often misinterpreted as hunger and one ends up binging. Therefore, a gallon of water is very important to get rid of that stubborn fat from your body. Also, drinking warm water with lemon and honey when you wake up in the morning is another effective way to eliminate love handles.

Cardio workouts

When you perform a cardio workout, it boosts your metabolism and increases your heart rate. This indeed helps in eliminating the love handles effectively. Some of the high intensity training like sprinting on a bike or a track works wonders to curb excess body fat quickly. In addition, some of the other cardio workouts like swimming, running, walking, biking and jogging also burn fat fast.


As far as incorporating specific workouts into your training is concerned, the side bends and endless crunches may not help. Although spot training sounds good but it does not eliminate fat from specific parts of the body. Hence, combining strength training, HIIT cardio and the slow and long distance sessions helps in burning fat from areas like back and abdomen.

Limit your dairy intake

Use almond milk over cream and sugar in your coffee. This is one of the effective ways to ingest low calories. Similarly, avoid butter and switch to coconut oil or olive oil. If you are a cheese lover, consider hard cheeses and avoid soft or cream cheeses. When you make these healthy swapping, it helps in adding to your daily calories and also you will avoid consumption of fatty foods.

Thus, these are some of the useful ways that come handy to lose those love handles. You need to be consistent when you incorporate these tips in your daily lifestyle if you are determined to see best results.