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Five Arm Blasting Workouts

There are several workouts that help in building your arms. barbell (1)However, the workouts should be done correctly. If you don’t perform it in the right manner, you will end up suffering from muscle injury in the long run. The most effective arm blasting workouts have been discussed below:

1. Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

To perform this workout, you need a flat bench to lie back. With the help of a close grip, lift the bar and keep holding it straight by locking your arms. This will be the initial position. Inhale and slowly come down until the bar is felt on the chest. Bring the bar to the initial position as you exhale and push the bar with the help of your triceps muscles. Your arms can be locked in the contracted posture. Hold for a second and slowly come down again.

2. Triceps Pushdown

Place a straight bar or an angled one to a high pulley and pull using an overhand grip at shoulder width. Stand upright by placing the torso straight and incline slightly in the front. Bring your upper arms near your body and it should be perpendicular to the ground. The forearm should point up towards the pulley as the bar is held. Using the triceps bring down the bar till it touches the front part of your thighs. The arms should be extended completely and perpendicular to the ground. Your upper arms should remain stationed beside your torso and forearms should move alone. Breathe out as you perform this move. After pausing for a second, try holding at the contracted pose and bring the bar towards the start point. Inhale as you perform this procedure.

3. Barbell Curl

Stand on the floor with torso in an upright position. Hold a barbell at a grip that is of shoulder width. Your palm should face forward and elbows should be near the torso. When you hold the upper arms the weights need to be curled and bar should be placed at shoulder level. Stay in the contracted pose for one or two seconds before squeezing the biceps hard. Bring back the bar to start position as you inhale.

4. Dumbbell Bicep Curl

To perform this move, stand holding a dumbbell in both hands at arm’s length. Ensure that your elbows are close to torso and palms should face your thighs. The right weight should be curled while you are holding the upper arm stationery. Rotate the palms until they face forward. Contract the biceps as you exhale till your biceps are contracted completely. The dumbbells should be at shoulder level. Remain in a contracted pose for a second as you squeeze the biceps. Bring the dumbbell in the starting pose as you inhale.

5. Rope Triceps Extension

A rope needs to be attached towards the bottom of the pulley machine. Grasp the rope using both hands, stretch arms with hands on your head. Your elbows should be closer to the head and arms perpendicular to the ground. The knuckles should be aimed towards the ceiling. Slowly bring the rope towards your hand as you are keeping the upper arms stationary. Breathe in while you perform this move and pause once your triceps are completely stretched. Come back to the starting position.